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Competitive Participation

Non-competitive participation


A – with requirements
(A1 – Mixed Choirs, A2 – Male Choirs, A3 – Female Choirs, A4 - Chamber Choirs and Vocalensembles)

B – without requirements
(B1 – Mixed Choirs, B2 – Male Choirs, B3 – Female Choirs, B4 - Senior Choirs)

G – Children and Youth Choirs
(G1 – Children Choirs, G2 – Youth Choirs of equal voices,
G3 – Youth Choirs of mixed voices)

S – Musica Sacra
(S1 – Mixed Choirs, S2 – Male Choirs, S3 – Female Choirs)

M – Modern (Jazz/Pop/Gospel)

Festival Activities

Evaluation Performance

Individual Coaching

meeting in music concerts

Conductors meet the Jury


We use the InChoral Evaluation System




Download Announcement for the Festival 2018 (PDF)      


Download Application Form for Festival 2018 (PDF)      

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