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About "Meeting Music"

It started in Budapest, 1988.

Under the direction of M° Gábor Hollerung and Piroska Horváth.

One new Competition and Evaluation System was born and became known to the choral world by the name “Musica Mundi”.

Since then:

more than 125 events, over 6.000 choirs from 90 countries, of all continents two people, one vision and a constantly evolving international team with one goal only: to work for the choral world!

Our mission is:

to spread the joy of choral singing to the global Public to bring more and more people to sing in a choir to unite and bring them together to our events.

In our vision, the world is a global choir: Join us!(or we may add a little Shakespeare reference: “All the World is a Choir")

About us
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